Training Programs

At Embrace Safety, our training programs have been developed to help customers create a culture of safety throughout the workplace. Our primary goal is to increase the safety of the individual while also meeting OSHA compliancy. Our training staff has 25 years of safety/training experience and we bring another level of expertise to our training with over 20 years of material handling experience—so we can provide guidance with regard to material handling issues as well.

Powered Industrial Equipment

Our PIE training courses include all classes of Forklift Equipment as well as Ariel/Boom Lift training:

Forklift Truck Operator Training
OSHA requires that all forklift operators go through two types of training: Class room and Hands-on. At Embrace Safety, we concentrate on ensuring that your operators meet this requirement, but that is not our main focus. Our main focus is helping your operators become safer individuals. We have developed our course in order to meet this goal.

Aerial/Boom Lift Operator Training
OSHA also requires that all aerial/boom operators go through the same two types of training. Likewise, our focus is the same, developing safer individuals while remaining compliant.

Pedestrian Training

When it comes to OSHA compliance, most companies focus on warehouse employees who operate equipment. But there’s a major group of employees that deserve focus as well—those who must venture into warehouse or manufacturing areas from time to time. These employees are at risk because they’re not as familiar with the environment as those who work in it all the time. That’s why Embrace Safety has developed a comprehensive Pedestrian/General Warehouse Safety Program—to teach these employees about the various hazards they may encounter, recognize unsafe situations and understand how to avoid them.

Embrace Safety Drug Awareness Program

With the help of the state of Tennessee, We have developed a program that teaches individuals the types of drugs in today’s environment and the hazards that come with the consumption of these drugs. Many drugs have negative effects that people are unaware of. With the number of hazards in a warehouse/manufacturing facility, it is our goal to give individuals the information necessary to recognize drug abuse, understand the effects of certain drugs while working/driving and to educate them on the overall effect that drugs have on the individual, the company and society as a whole.

Train the Trainer Programs

Embrace Safety offers Train The Trainer Programs on all the above types of training.

Customized Training

Embrace Safety can help companies develop safety programs based on their specific needs. We will meet with you to discuss what your needs are and develop a unique program accordingly. Many times people concentrate narrowly on the compliance (OSHA) aspect of safety—but being compliant doesn’t always mean that your employees or your work environment is truly safe.

Contact us today to discuss how Embrace Safety can help you address both your workers’ safety and the overall safety of your environment.