Forklift Operator Training – Train The Trainer

trainingAt the Lilly Company, our Safety Training/Products Division is Embrace Safety – our focus is to not only to be OSHA compliant, but to help you create a safer employee and work environment.


Our standard training class is superior to the competition, but we take it much further. The following are items that may be included in the training sessions:

Front of card 2120+ pieces of additional safety information – including videos, hand-outs and power points.
8 Forklift Safety Posters – Customer Logo
Application specific power point.
On-going safety support – requested safety information.
4 week and 6 month forklift safety inspection.
Credit Card Style Operator ID Cards
All Material Auto archived as back up
All Participants receive a Pocket Safety Guide to General Warehouse Safety


The Embrace Safety Train the Trainer/Refresher Training Program’s provides all of the necessary tools and essential information required by OSHA to train forklift trainers/ operators in basic forklift safety. The class focuses not only on the required information and topics, but also includes time for interaction between the attendees and our Certified Instructor as well as hands on evaluations.