Magnetic Trio


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The Magnetic Trio are three products that will help your forklift operators and warehouse associates be more efficient.  The Mag Gun is a magnetic tape gun that you can put on racks, shelving, carry on manual pallet jacks, forklift equipment or where ever you need it.  The Mag Clip is a magnetic clip board that will help eliminate paper from flying of powered equipment.  You may use any where you need to keep paperwork from getting lost.  The Cup n’ Stuff is a unique storage box that will attach anywhere – keep your pens, box cutters, paperclips, bottled water or anything that will help you do your job when you need it.  All three products work great with manual pallets jacks as well.  NOTE:  You May Purchase Products Individually for $20.00

For More Information on the Magnetic Trio, please contact Embrace Safety @ 855-296-7572